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Written by: Ken Fairman
Friday, September 1, 2017

Bringing the neighborhood together through sports is what Howard Palmetto Baseball Softball Association (HPBSA) has been all about for since 1962. Moms and Dads who played years ago now have their kids involved. Coaches who retired when their kids grew into adults are now back on the field to coach their grandkids.

Divisions start at T-ball and go to the high school level, covering ages 4 to 17. Everyone is evaluated and are placed on a team through a draft (tee-ball does not have an evaluation or draft). Every player bats and everyone plays the majority of innings in each game. Your kids are never too old to start. Some fantastic players have started in 6th and 7th grade! Over 200 volunteers make HPBSA a place where friendships between kids and parents alike are made for life. Games are played at Suniland, Greer Park, Coral Reef Park and Palmetto Bay Park.

Registration is in full swing for the upcoming season. Practices will start in late December and games will begin in January. For more information email us at .

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